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General Information - Photography Holidays

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 Key Points about your holiday

All residential prices include tuition, transport to/from locations and full board accommodation. Extra days can be booked before or after the course. All non-residential prices include tuition, transport to/from locations, lunch and drinks throughout the day. Arrival is the evening before the date given and departure is the afternoon of the finish date given.

All residential holidays require £175 deposit. All non-residential courses require £100 deposit. Please complete the booking form, which is downloadable from this web site, when paying your deposit. The balance is due within 8 weeks of the course. Please pay by this date. If booking within the 8 week period the full balance is due when making the initial booking.

All courses will have between 6-12 people on them.

Please bring your own camera equipment. Guests are welcome to bring their own laptops to view/download pictures if required. Facilities for creating CDs/DVDs of photographs and large format printing will be available.

For more detailed information please read the details below.


Please see hotel details for different room sizes and options together with the associated prices.


Single Occupancy is where one person occupies a double or twin. Double Occupancy is the price per person where a room is shared with a partner or friend. Non-painting partner price is where painter pays double occupancy price. 


Venue = Inidicates holiday venue and hotel

Non-Residential Courses

Where space permits all the courses can be attended by local people on a non-residential basis. All non-residential prices include tuition, lunch and drinks throughout the day. Evening meals can be provided at an extra charge.

  Course Outline

Guests will arrive from 2pm on the day before the course at the hotel and you will be greeted by a member of staff from Cheddar Gallery or the hotel. We will run through the itinerary at approximately 6pm when we will make any changes considered necessary depending on individual needs and weather prospects. Dinner will be served some time between 6.30pm and 7.30pm depending on the hotel/course. If you anticipate being later than that then please advise us and we will make any arrangements we can to cater for you.

There will be some studio based teaching with a critique session showing images on a computer screen/projector taken during the workshop. According to the weather we will make the most of getting outside and there will be plenty of hands-on training and this may take precedence over indoor work. However, if the weather is not good then more studio work will take place.

Breakfast times will vary but the course will start at 9.30am and lunch will be sometime between noon and 2pm depending on the tutor/course and the course will finish at 4.30pm (unless otherwise agreed/stated). There will be a break in the morning and afternoon for refreshments. Lunch will either be in a local pub or a packed lunch. Drinks will be provided for where possible. There will be some walking involved so please bring some good walking boots. Most of the time it will only be a mile or two but could be a bit more by the end of the day on some occasions. The walks should not be too strenuous except where stated.

Evening meals throughout the course will normally be between 6.30-7.30pm.

The course will finish at 4pm on the final day. At this point everyone will depart. You can arrange to stay extra nights either at the beginning of the course or at the end of it, but there is an additional charge for this. For additional nights this is payable to Cheddar Gallery when the final balance falls due. This will normally include dinner, bed and breakfast. If not you will be advised of this at the time of booking.

  Important Information

Deposits & Course Cancellations

All deposits are non-refundable unless a course is cancelled by Cheddar Gallery Limited, in which case we will refund all monies paid for the course. Cheddar Gallery will endeavour not to cancel a course unless absolutely necessary or events occur beyond our control but we do reserve the right to do so. If a course is cancelled, we can transfer you to another similar course or refund your deposit, as you prefer. 

If you are unable to come on the course once you have paid the full amount, we are unable to refund any money paid. It may be possible to transfer you to another course, if space permits but this cannot be guaranteed and there will be a small charge for this.  If you are unable to come on any course, please advise us as soon as possible in writing or email, in order that we can fill your place(s), otherwise the full amount will be due, if within the 8 week period.

If a tutor is unable to tutor a course due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or accident we reserve the right to use another tutor who can tutor the chosen subject and medium.

All monies taken as deposits or final balance payments are kept in a separate client account until the holiday is taken which is in accordance with the legal requirements of all holiday operators. This ensures that your money is held separately should a course be cancelled, thus giving you peace of mind in today's climate that your money is safe.


Under normal circumstances you would arrive at the hotel under your own transport. If you require a lift from the airport, train station or coach station we will do our best to pick you up, providing that it is at a reasonable hour and from a local airport or station. During the holiday when on location transport will be included.

Photographic Equipment

Please bring your own camera equipment and a tripod is strongly advised. All the courses are designed for Digital SLR and Bridge Camera users who will receive full tuition out on location and be able to view their best photos back in the studio on a PC or with a projector and photo printing facilities.

Other camera users may get some benefit from the course but there will be some limitations based on the features of the camera. Film SLR Camera users will be able to gain all the tuition they need out on location but there is no facility for developing films and they will not be able to receive a critique session of their images. The tuition that can be given to compact camera users will be restricted by the functions on the camera.

Cheddar Gallery

Each guest will receive 10% off all purchases over £10 of products in the shop, when on a holiday based in Cheddar. This excludes services such as custom made frames, photo printing services and future painting or photography holidays.


To the best of our knowledge all the tutors and hotels have public liability insurance. We also have our own public liability insurance. In the event of a holiday being cut short or cancelled for whatever reason, our liability is limited to no more than the total paid for the holiday, except in the instance of injury or death, which is in accordance with the laws governing Public Liability in which case any monies due to you would be covered under the public liability insurance of Cheddar Gallery Limited, the tutor or the hotel according to liability and would be at the discretion of the insurance company. It is the responsibility of each guest to arrange their own travel insurance and we strongly recommend that you take this out.

If you are interested in more details please visit us at the shop, call us on 01934 744188 or send an e-mail to