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David BellamyJoe Francis Dowden |   Rob Dudley   | Sian Dudley   | Charles Evans   | Keith Fenwick  |  Tim Fisher   |   Jeremy Ford  |  Steve Hall   |   Terry Harrison   |   Jenny Keal   |   Roy Lang   |   Matthew Palmer   |   Becky Samuelson   |   Michael Sanders   |   Tony Slater   |   Joanne Boon Thomas   |   David Webb   |   Peter Woolley   |   Peter Hendrie (Photographer)   |   Tony Howell (Photographer)

David Bellamy 
David Bellamy

David Bellamy is a well known artist and author of fourteen books and many DVDs. He demonstrates at art exhibitions all over the country and runs courses and expeditions all over the world. He specialises in painting mountains, rugged scenes and coastal landscapes. He is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature in wild places. Through his painting and writing he hopes to bring about a greater awareness of the threats to the natural environment and he is particularly active in conserving the wild areas.


Joe Francis Dowden
Joe Dowden

Joe Francis Dowden painted his first landscape in watercolour at the age of six, with tuition from his father, himself a painter. He trained at Epsom School of Art and Design and Teesside Polytechnic. Early contact with some fantastic painters was a major contributor to his development as an artist. . He was brought up in the rural backwoods of Southern England where he now lives and works. He travels whenever he can to gather source material for his paintings, sketching on site rapidly and prolifically. Joe is an accomplished watercolour painter with an international reputation.

His work has sold in many galleries and is sought by collectors worldwide. He constantly writes books, presents TV programmes and writes regularly for art magazines including the SAA. In the past he demonstrated for several manufacturers and is well known for his advice on good art materials.

He is a master technician at painting the countryside and internationally renowned for painting water, everything from a muddy puddle in a lane to beautiful reflections on a lake. He captures light bouncing off different surfaces and uses many techniques to achieve this. He works hard when running a course and with his sense of humour he makes students feel at ease.


Rob Dudley

Since graduating from Exeter College of Art and Design with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and a PGCE from Exeter University, Rob decided to live in Devon. He has developed successful careers as both a teacher and a painter. 

His work has sold through many galleries and exhibitions. He works mainly in watercolour as he finds this offers him the opportunity to respond almost immediately to the changing light and shadows that can alter the land, sea and river in an instant. He is fascinated with how light bounces off water producing beautiful reflections, shadows and colours. He is a regular contributor to A&I magazine. 

When not painting he uses his creative talents to work at Aardman Animation including the popular children's series 'Shaun the Sheep'.


Sian Dudley

Sian has enjoyed drawing and painting all her life. Throughout her education including her degree in Microbiology she closely observed biological drawings and this is clearly reflected in her work. 

Her artistic side became more evident as she studied for her PGCE at Exeter University, and since then has encouraged others to develop their own artistic skills. She finds watercolour an exciting medium to work on. Inspired by the beautiful effects that are only possible in watercolour she has developed an explorative and experimental approach to painting as she enjoys the variety, although she is well known for her flower paintings. 

She undertakes commissions for portraits and bridal bouquets, as flowers are amongst her favourite subjects.


Charles Evans
Charles Evans

Charles Evans was born in Yorkshire in 1953 and he had the privilege of a childhood spent playing in the countryside for which he had an inbred appreciation. He had always drawn and was always striving to improve his drawings. His heroes were Turner, Flint and Constable. He would wonder at the magic, mood and atmosphere that Turner managed to get into his skies, and marvelled how Constable managed to get the effect of his trees.

He studied at Lincoln College of Art and finally turned to the medium of watercolour. Watercolour is the traditional English medium because, as many artists have discovered, it captures the beautiful sense of atmosphere and haziness of British landscapes. 

He had his first one-man exhibition in Leeds in 1983 which was featured on Yorkshire Television which led onto other exhibitions. He has done many programmes for Tyne Tees Television and Discovery Real Time. He has also released many DVDs and books on painting and is a demonstrator for Winsor & Newton.

Keith Fenwick

Keith Fenwick is a professional artist, multi-company demonstrator, author of 8 books, has made over 20 DVDs and demonstrates to over 30 art societies each year. With thirty years experience of teaching and running painting holidays, he is appreciative of student needs and aspirations. Keith has appeared on many TV programs including his series "The Art Doctor" shown by Sky, Granada TV's Art School and has been on the BBC and Cable TV. He is regularly on the Painting and Drawing Channel and is an advisory panel member of the Society for all Artists.

As a trained and natural teacher he explains his methods in a down to earth, humorous manner. He is a sympathetic tutor and finds great satisfaction in encouraging those who have always wanted to paint but lack the confidence to 'have a go' as well as helping more experienced painters to develop their skills further.


Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher

Tim Fisher was born in Leicestershire and became a professional artist in 2000, following a successful career in research for an international US company. Within this environment, Tim was viewed as a highly creative person and currently holds two worldwide patents.

Since the launch of his new career, Tim has won numerous art awards. He was short listed from 12,000 entrants for the first Daily Mail Not the Turner Prize competition and his work has subsequently been displayed at the Mall Galleries,London and Leicester University. Tim works with the heart of a purist and the mind of a realist. He writes regularly for Leisure Painter, has just released a book on acrylics and produced two DVDs. Whenever possible he collects his own reference material by observation, field sketches and taking photographs.

Jeremy Ford
Jeremy Ford

Jeremy Ford lives in Ackworth near Pontefract in West Yorkshire. He studied Graphic Design at Southport College of Art (1972-5), Illustration at Harrow College of Art, London (1975-8) and has been a professional artist and illustrator since then, illustrating in the advertising, publishing, and greeting card industry. 

Jeremy is a versatile painter with over thirty years experience working in all media and is a fully qualified teacher.

Jeremy demonstrates painting at many popular art events, teaches step-by-step workshops to art groups and undertakes work to commission. He regularly features on the Painting and Drawing Channel. Jeremy is a Professional Associate and a key demonstrator for the SAA. 

He is a demonstrator for St Cuthbert's Paper Mill in Somerset, the makers of Bockingford and Saunders Waterford watercolour papers, and is Senior Tutor and Principal UK Demonstrator for the Michael Wilcox School of Colour and has a particular interest in the study of colour, pigments and colour-mixing. He has made several DVDs on painting in watercolour and contributed to numerous art books.


Steve Hall
Steve Hall Painting Group

Steve Hall was born and educated in Bath, a city which is just on the edge of the Mendip Hills. His inspiration to paint comes from his love of the countryside with it’s ever changing moods and this is evident in his paintings. Steve taught building and architecture for many years and during this time developed an acute awareness of the shape and form of the natural world around him.

After twenty five years in Further Education Steve left his post as an Assistant College Principal to embark on a totally new career in watercolour painting. His former teaching knowledge stood him in good stead and since 1996 has steadily built up an annual portfolio of courses across many parts of the UK and Spain.

Steve has written five books on other artists, including Edward Wesson, Trevor Chamberlain, Alwyn Crawshaw and John Yardly and is a contributor to The Artist magazine. He has also produced three instructional DVDs with Town House Films.

His style is influenced by such artists as Seago, Wesson and Jack Merriott and he delights in any opportunity to encourage others to paint in this loose and free way.

Terry Harrison
Steve Hall Painting Group Terry Harrison has always loved painting and drawing and studied art at Farnham Art School. He worked as an illustrator and painted in his spare time and in 1984 began painting full time. Throughout his career he has always had a full schedule of exhibitions, private commissions and demonstrations. He has always been inspired by Constable and Turner, his favourite subject being the traditional landscape, using watercolour or acrylic. His originals and fine art prints are sold in galleries all over the world. He has written a dozen books which have been sold all over the world, two of which are best-sellers. He has produced many DVDs which can be seen on the Painting and Drawing Channel and contributes regularly to Leisure Painter and Paint magazines. He demonstrates at Art Societies, major art exhibitions, demonstrates for the SAA and runs workshops all over the country. He lives in Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds which is a constant source of inspiration for his paintings.


Jenny Keal
Steve Hall Painting Group Jenny has a keen interest in architecture and draws her inspiration from the rich history of the landscape and the atmospheric effects of the weather. Exploring remote and wild places she can often be found sketching derelict buildings in upland areas in all weathers. 

Jenny paints predominantly in pastels, demonstrates to art societies and runs workshops on pastels. She contributes regularly to Leisure Painter and has written a book on pastels. 

She has an amazing ability to catch the light in the landscape and with her bold use of colours produces striking pastel paintings of landscapes. 

She works closely with people on a one-to-one basis assisting them in composition, producing sketches and helps them achieve their goals in producing completed paintings.


Roy Lang
Steve Hall Painting Group Roy Lang is a marine artist and has been painting with passion for the past twenty years. 

He was voted SAA Artist of the Year 2000 & 2002 and was short-listed for the Daily Mail's “Not the Turner Prize” 2003. 

Roy is an 'up-and-coming' artist and his work is now becoming very collectable. 

Roy travels throughout the UK demonstrating and teaching at workshops and on painting holidays.


Matthew Palmer
Matthew Palmer

Matthew was brought up and lives in a small village called Langwith in Derbyshire. Watercolour painting has always been Matthew’s passion. He has been painting seriously for 20 years and loves painting landscapes. In fact he paints anything that takes his fancy. He loves painting at the scene, "you cant beat sitting there and painting from life". He has been teaching watercolours for over 10 years in his classes, workshops and on painting holidays. The holidays give his students a better chance to work from nature. Over the years he has held many personal exhibitions, along with participating in several art shows. He has produced books, 2 best selling DVDs and he writes regularly for “Paint” magazine and is actively involved with the Society for All Artists including The Drawing & Painting TV Channel and has a series with Sky TV called “Paint along with Matthew Palmer”. His key areas of expertise are working with students, art groups, giving talks and demonstrations. Matthew’s paintings are best noted for the amazing attention to detail and the wide range of subjects he covers.


Becky Samuelson
Becky Samuelson

Becky Samuelson has been painting professionally for over twenty years. She works from her studio in St Helens on the Isle of Wight where she specialises in marine, landscape and architectural painting in watercolour, acrylic and pastel. Much of her inspiration comes from the amazing island countryside with its huge diversity and great natural light. She is a regular contributor to Leisure Painter Magazine in a variety of media.

She particularly loves the use of colour and the effect of light and tries to seek out new and innovative ways of interpreting her subject. She spends as much time as possible sketching, with her preferred method as pen and wash, mainly for its immediacy and the impressionistic style that she can achieve with this. She is equally at home painting the various classes of sailing boats in the Solent as she is with beach and landscape scenes. Her work has been exhibited in major galleries both on and off the Island. She teaches for the Adult Education Service at the Isle of Wight College and runs private outdoor summer classes and tuition.

Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders was born in 1950 in Plymouth and has spent most of his life living in the South West of England. He has also lived in the South East and in the South of France. He now lives in the charming village of Calstock, nestled in the Tamar Valley on the border between Cornwall and Devon. He studied graphics at Plymouth College of Art and ceramics at Bristol.

He worked as a graphic artist, sign writer and potter before becoming a professional artist and tutor. Michael is a regular contributor to various painting magazines, has written books and produced many instructional DVDs.

He demonstrates for art retailers and art societies and runs painting holidays using all media. He brings a wealth of experience and insight into his workshops, demonstrations and paintings. He is a superb teacher, a gifted artist and writer.

Tony Slater
Tony Slater

Tony Slater lives in Nottinghamshire, England. He is the official UK demonstrator for Sennelier Extra Fine Watercolours and Isabey and Raphael Brushes. He is a Studio Associate of the Trevor Waugh Studio and a Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists. Tony began painting in the 1970’s and, apart from seeking instruction from those artists whose work he admires, he is completely self taught. Tony’s sense of humour ensures light hearted but essential learning.

It is Tony's great love of, and expertise in, painting watercolour, together with his communication skills, that has led him into the teaching of watercolour. In the last fifteen years he has acquired an enviable reputation in this field, proving himself able to teach watercolours.

His aim is always to promote confidence, increase skill, but - and this is of prime importance to him - also to help his students enjoy their painting. Tony’s paintings form part of collections in many countries of the world. His work has featured in International Artist Magazine, while Leisure Painter commission and publish articles by him.

Joanne Boon Thomas
Joanne Thomas

Joanne Thomas is an accomplished gifted artist who specialises in watercolours. Not only is she a respected artist but she is also a highly professional tutor with many years of teaching experience. Joanne tutors many watercolour workshops, runs painting holidays, demonstrates watercolour techniques for various Art Societies and she also writes and demonstrates for Leisure Painter magazine. ‘I have always loved to paint, draw, and create. I feel the need to paint every day'. She was encouraged at an early age by a teacher who recognised her love of drawing and since that time creativity has always played an important role throughout her life. For her the qualities she is looking for in a great piece of work are pleasing composition, harmonious colour, interesting textures and a quality of light.

David Webb

David Webb was born in East London and is a self-taught artist. From the early 1980s until 2000 he worked as an illustrator. With a lifelong interest in nature it was not surprising that this was to be the area in which he mainly worked. 

In 2000 he began working on larger scale paintings. This coincided with running classes and workshops in watercolour painting. David also began writing on the subject of painting and, after having written a few articles for Leisure Painter magazine, he wrote his first solo book and produced a DVD and has since written a second book. 

David continues to write for popular painting magazines and is a regular demonstrator for art clubs and societies.

Peter Woolley
Joanne Thomas

Peter Woolley was born in Derby in 1960. He had his first one-man exhibition at the Guildhall in Derby in 1983. After early experimentation with subject and medium, he settled for the pure watercolour style he now employs. He began painting full time in 1986. 

Peter’s work is mainly related to his walking expeditions including the Pennine Way, Coast to Coast, Three Peaks and West Highland Way. Peter's original work can be found in private collections throughout the UK and abroad. He also teaches watercolour to beginners and runs weekend courses. 

Peter has written and produced Study Packs, CDs, DVDs, a book and has contributed to many books and appears on TV on the Painting and Drawing Channel and contributes to the SAA’s Paint Magazine.

Peter Hendrie (Photographer)

Peter Hendrie was born in Barnstaple in 1956 and trained as a shipwright but with the decline in the ship building industry, his career led him into hotel management and onto the Exmoor National Park. 

With photography being his passion for many years, Exmoor inspires that passion with its magical scenery and he is an expert in getting pictures with striking light effects. 

Peter has been strongly influenced by photographers, such as Ansell Adams, Peter Dombrovski, Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish and Niall Benvie. 

He has undertaken photographic work for magazines, brochures,

Tony Howell (Photographer)
Joanne Thomas

Tony Howell has been taking photographs for thirty years and is one of England's best known landscape photographers. His style is instantly recognisable - simple, uncluttered compositions and an overall sense of peace and stillness born out of his deep love of the land. 

He’s been giving tuition to photographers for over ten years. His images have been used in countless books, calendars, magazines, on BBC TV, in a Hollywood Movie, on billboards, brochures, catalogues, greeting cards and much more. 

Tony's clients include The BBC, Christies, Royal Mail, The Tate, The National Trust, The Forestry Commission, and many more.



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